Please note, as of February 1, 2013, I am no longer available for consultation on front end engineering projects. I am still available for lectures and classes but scheduling opportunities are limited.

Services offered include:

  • Front end architecture review – As sites grow and more engineers start to work on them, the code base tends to accumulate cruft. A full architecture review helps to identify areas that aren’t working and come up with a plan for improvement that allows you to make incremental improvements over time. Review includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as build system opportunities for streamlining development and catching errors.
  • Lectures – Looking for a way to educate your engineers on new techniques or technologies? A 1-2 hour lecture on a topic of your choosing (including those listed on the Speaking page) is a great way to get started.
  • Training- For more intensive, hands-on engineer education, a full-day training class is a great choice. Classes include lecture, discussion, and labs designed to get engineers up to speed quickly. You can request any web-related topic or choose from a series of predefined classes:

For more information about my services, please contact me directly.