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Book Examples

Professional Ajax (2nd edition) – PHP (3.3 MB)

Professional Ajax (2nd edition) – ASP.NET (3.5 MB)

Professional Ajax (2nd edition) – JSP (3.3 MB)

Professional Ajax (1st edition) (2.89 MB)

Professional JavaScript for Web Developers (203 KB)


JSONLib 0.1
A JavaScript library that provides JSON parsing and serializiation in a secure way. (15 KB)

zArray 1.1
A JavaScript library that extends the Array object with new methods.
(31 KB)

zColor 0.1
A JavaScript library to ease manipulation of colors.
(14 KB)

zDragDrop 1.1.1
A JavaScript library to ease creating drag and drop functionality in DOM-compliant browsers. (25 KB)

zEvents 1.1
A JavaScript library to enable events in custom objects. (19 KB)

zInherit 1.0
A JavaScript library to add multiple inheritance support to JavaScript. (15 KB)

zXml 1.0.2
A JavaScript library for cross-browser XML, XPath, and XSLT support.
(24 KB)


The Eye of the Beholder: Appearance Discrimination in the Workplace
AppearanceDiscriminationInTheWorkplace.pdf (325 KB)

Article Examples

Alternate Ajax Techniques, Pt. 2 (2 KB)

Alternate Ajax Techniques, Pt. 1 (2 KB)

Creating a Cross-Browser (DOM) Expandable Tree (17 KB)