So I just got word that my current employer, VistaPrint, is looking to hire some really smart client-side guys that know a lot about JavaScript. Now, I know there are a lot of really smart client-side guys that visit this site on a regular basis, so I figured instead of trying to contact people one-by-one I’d make a posting and let anyone interested contact me.

We are located in Lexington, Massachusetts, so if you live in Mass or are willing to relocate, we want you! This is a fast-moving company with lots of opportunities and a lot of very smart people. For this job, you need to have a top-shelf understanding of all things JavaScript, because you’ll have to get by me and another JavaScript guy in the interview process. Also, a good grasp of database and object-oriented programming concepts is a must.

So if you know a lot about JavaScript and web technologies, and you’d be interested in working with a bunch of really smart people in a fast growing company (check out our stock ticker, VPRT), drop me a line and we can discuss from there.

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