I was curious to see when the first reviews would start appearing for Professional Ajax. Today, I found two.

The first comes from Foo, who seemed to like it. I consider it a great compliment when people get inspiration from stuff I write. I’ve been inspired by many people, as I believe software is a community process, whether we want to admit it or not.

The other review was posted to the Amazon page. I’d say it’s a pretty stellar review:

There are only a handful of books out there, and this book is the best one so far. I know, because I have browsed through them all. Where as other books talk a lot in detail about the browser level AJAX process, most of them fail to explain [in detail] how to make AJAX technologies work with server-side scripts. That’s where this book is different; there’s plenty of PHP code with most AJAX examples to show readers how the whole process works.

The first few chapters have enough information to get a novice started with AJAX. And if you know your html and web development already, you’d be AJAXifying your sites within hours. I highly recommend this book.

Pretty nice, I hope others like it too!

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