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Update to zXml

The technical editor for Professional Ajax, Alexei Gorkov, just pinged me with some information that was put online last week: Using the right version of MSXML. Basically, the post says that we should all be using MSXML versions 6.0 or 3.0 as a fallback, but not 4.0 or 5.0. I did get an email from... […]

Avoiding plagiarism

In college, plagiarism is a dirty word. Most schools threaten expulsion for this offense, regardless of how it occurred. In the word of writing, plagiarism is also a huge concern, as it can cost firms and authors a lot of money for copyright infringement. The problem is that plagiarism is not always intentional, though that... […]

I love my job

Just thought I’d reassure everyone that I still love my job at Yahoo!. Why am I saying this? Because it seems like everytime I turn around, someone is asking if I regret choosing Yahoo! over Google. Yes, the Yahoo! stock has taken a beating lately and Google successfully bought YouTube, but does that make working... […]

Debunking object()

One of Crockford’s latest creations is the object() function, which he puts forth as a better way of doing prototypical inheritance in JavaScript. The function is as follows: function object(o) { function F() {} F.prototype = o; return new F(); } The basic idea is sound: you assign an object to be the prototype of... […]

Pain with inline-block

Today I found myself wanting to format a link to look like a button. If I only needed one button, I could just set the link’s display to block and be done with it, but I needed two. Further, they needed to be side-by-side. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem because I could use... […]

Writing again

So here I am, writing another book. It’s always really exciting writing a book, planning it, knowing that I’m writing something that will help people do their jobs. Sometimes I get bored writing about the same topic for 30 or so pages in a row, but every once in a while, I start a chapter... […]

Small zXml Update

I’ve justed posted a small update to the zXml library in Downloads. It turns out that there was a small bug in the XPath code that caused issues when using namespaces. Thanks to co-author Joe Fawcett for letting me know about it (yes, you’re now listed as a contributor in the README). […]

Yahoo! Hack Day

For the first time ever, Yahoo! is opening up its campus to outside developers for a series of seminars and activities called Hack Day, which takes place next Friday and Saturday, September 29 and 30. Yahoo! has had internal hack days for a while, but this is your opportunity to be on the campus (legally)... […]

Closures considered harmful

Before you start throwing things this way, hear me out. A few years ago, no one ever talked about closures in JavaScript. They were a footnote to JavaScript, mostly discussed by people like Douglas Crockford on the Web. Since Ajax has become the focus of everyone’s life, closures have been talked about more and more,... […]

Don’t allow overriden methods

This is a little technique I’ve been working on for ensuring that objects don’t get used with overridden methods that shouldn’t be. To put it bluntly: if you’ve ever worried about someone overriding one of your methods through inheritance in JavaScript, here’s the solution. Basically, the idea is very simple. In the object constructor, just... […]

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