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JavaScript Compilers

My last blog got me thinking…I thought I had seen a JavaScript compiler available from Mozilla, and it turns out I was correct. Mozilla does have a JavaScript Compiler as part of the Rhino JavaScript interpreter. The Rhino compiler creates Java source files from JavaScript files, which then can be used by any Java program.... […]

Thunderbird + Sunbird = ?

As an avid user of Thunderbird, my only serious complaint is it’s lack of a calendaring solution, which forces me to still use Outlook for my appointments and such. Now it appears that Mozilla is getting ready to roll in features from Sunbird, the Mozilla calendaring application, with the hopes of being able to battle... […]

Autonomous Requests a Bad Idea

Every once in a while I browse through my access logs to see what sort of traffic I’ve been getting. More and more, the number of Firefox and generic Mozilla users has been increasing. And that’s when I noticed something else increasing as well…the number of requests for files that don’t exist. Examining all of... […]

Fixing Duff’s Device

While researching for my book, I came across Jeff Greenburg’s JavaScript port of Duff’s Device, a generic way to unroll loops for optimization. Jeff’s original algorithm looks like this: var iLoopCount = iIterations / 8; var iTestValue = iIterations % 8; do { switch (iTestValue) { case 0: [execute statement]; case 7: [execute statement]; case... […]

Fighting Blog Spam

The subject of blog comment spam has been talked about a lot recently…I haven’t had to worry since I don’t really seem to illicit many comments (::shrugs::), but I have actually received spam through my Contact page. Simon Willison has an interesting approach to block comment spam in which he redirects all posted links to... […]

Penn State Kicks Out IE

Even with 10 million downloads, Firefox could gain another 80,000 downloads the next few weeks as Penn State has asked all students and staff to switch from IE to an alternative browser such as Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, or Safari for security reasons. Who knows, if this type of negative publicity continues, Microsoft may be forced... […]

Wrox Blog

I was asked today to start writing a blog over at Wrox’s P2P site. The hits just keep on coming, I was honored when I was allowed to re-write Professional JavaScript, one of the first JavaScript books I ever owned, but now to be asked to be an official blogger over there, I’m completely overwhelmed.... […]

New Netscape Browser

From the files of “just when you thought it was safe to proclaim Netscape dead”, a new Netscape browser built on the Firefox codebase is being shown around in prototype form. The browser offers several unique features, such as the ability view the given Web site in Internet Explorer using Microsoft’s Web Browser component (it... […]

zInherit 1.0 and zEvents 1.1

Following up on my promise to provide more useful JavaScript on this site, I’d like to introduce zInherit 1.0. This handy little library helps to make multiple inheritance easier in JavaScript, allowing you to continue using the class prototype inheritance methodology with a new twist. I also updated zEvents to allow for usage by ECMAScript... […]

Reviewers Wanted!

As many of you know, I’ve been re-writing Wrox Press’ Professional JavaScript from scratch. This process has taken nearly two years and is nearing its end. I have tried to make this into the JavaScript book that I believe developers have been waiting for. I’m currently looking for JavaScript developers to review the book before... […]

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